Miss TransWorld Wake 2013 Contender - Amanda Lewis

Meet Amanda Lewis, the 22-year-old model and surf shop employee who is our next official contender in the Rockstar Miss TransWorld Wake Model Search. Hailing from Clearwater, FL Amanda has had the guidance from 2012′s overall winner Paris Nichole as they have made appearances at each of the King of Wake events so far this year. If Amanda were to win the overall title for 2013, she would already have a following at events across the nation. Check out her interview and photo gallery.

What is your favorite part of traveling with the King of Wake tour this year? Getting the chance to interact with fans and meeting my new rockstar fam:)

Who are your favorite wakeboarders? Rockstar team!

Did Paris help to convince you to submit your portfolio for the Miss TransWorld Wake Model Search? Yep she did as we were having our dance party on the rockstar tour bus 8)

What is the most fun you have had on a boat? Getting the chance to drive it, weeee. Then of course show the guys up on the wakeboard.

Ever wakeboarded at the cable park? Eventually!

Turn ons: Someone who is confident but also genuine and is just as goofy as I am.

Turn offs: someone who just tries to hard.. no no no

Instagram: @_amandalewis

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