Double Podium in Minneapolis for Rockstar Energy Racing

"We've got to go back and make a few tweaks on my bike and myself to improve and move forward. The track was kind of inconsistent tonight. It was bumpy in some places where it's normally not, slick in some places and sticky in others. I just struggled a little bit tonight. All day actually, in practice, in the heat and the main. Hopefully I can pull it together in the next race. Definitely good to get another podium. I'm not complaining by any means. A lot of people are looking at the bad this year cause I was in the points lead and now I'm in 3rd. It's just the fact that every single person is in this class. I've never led the points. I've never been on the podium 9 times in one season. It's really been an accomplishment for myself and my team to be up in the front as much as we are. I still feel like we've made a statement. We're here and we're not going anywhere and we're going to keep pushing to move forward." - Davi Millsaps

"Minneapolis, Minnesota. First time for me racing here. I guess the last race was in 2008 so that was cool. Practice was good and my heat race was good. The main was full of action and that first five laps was crazy! Gotta get with the front guys and go, just do my thing. I ended up 3rd, not where I wanted to be, I lost the pace for a minute. But it is what it is, we're going to Vegas now so we'll see how it goes." - Blake Wharton

"Today went good. I think the biggest thing is that you always get expectations. I think that we've set our expectations a lot higher as the series has gone on. We won 2 heat races and that was great. The guys looked really good. Both guys looked great all day. We were on the box and we finished 3rd but we want to win. That's what we've come here for, what we did early on and before the series ends we wanna do it again." - Dave Gowland

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